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11/06/2020 14:50:16 (GMT+8)
  1. Member Eligibility: Applicable to all Kstar99 members.
  2. Upgrade Standard: Member VIP level is determined based on total monthly accumulated points.
  3. Monthly Point: Calculation of points is based on conversion from turnover or deposit amounts as per table below.
  4. Upgrade Bonus: Members VIP level will be updated before 7th of each month and the upgrade bonus is auto rewarded once a month with no turnover requirement.
  5. Multiple Level Upgrade: Member can upgrade more than 1 level and it is subjected to review by Kstar99.
  6. Maintenance Requirement: Member must reach amount target of current monthly VIP point requirement in order to remain in the same member VIP level for the following month.
  7. Downgrade Standard: Member VIP level will be downgrade 1 level only if member unable to fulfill the maintenance requirement.
  8. Daily Bonus: Rebate payout is calculated based on daily turnover amount of respective game, while recovery payout is calculated based on daily win lose amount recorded in agent site.
  9. Birthday Bonus Requirement: Kindly refer to Birthday Bonus at Promotion Page.
  10. Birthday Bonus Standard: This bonus is subjected to x1 turnover requirement prior withdrawal, and can be claimed only ONE (1) time annually, by ONE (1) member restricted to ONE (1) casino account, from ONE (1) IP address in ONE (1) household.
Games Turnover (MYR) Deposit (MYR) Point
Sportsbook 30 - 1
Live Casino 40 - 1
Slots 30 - 1
7-11 Games - 10 1